Usage of Country Code TLDs

Country code TLDs are also known as or referred to as ccTLDs. These domain extensions determine the specific area where the businesses are located. Using a ccTLD can have various benefits to businesses. It is recommended to use a country code TLD to attract the targeted traffic or while creating a business in your own locality.

Some of the advantages of using a country code TLD include local targeting. Local targeting is perhaps the greatest advantage of using country code TLD as it helps with targeting people from certain areas all over the world. This is option is only possible as search engines show different results on the basis of the IP address of the person exploring the information.

When the results are displayed, most of the results on the first page will be part of the locality. For instance, a person in India, searching up the Google website will be directed to the Indian version of Google. Mostly all the searches found will be .co rather than TLD. It is important to remember that the .com domains and the other generic TLDs will be part of the results regardless of the country.

If you are the owner of a local business, it is preferable to attract the people from the area that your business is in. To do this you will have to choose the proper TLD which fits your business best. Moreover, you can also include your site in the local directories online so that it increases the viewership among the people living in the area.

Another advantage of using country code TLDs is that you get a better variety of domain names. With country code TLDs you have a greater variety of domain names to choose from for your business. This is possible as the usual domains such as .com and org are used by many therefore all the good unique names are already being used by someone else.

Many businesses do not know that they can register their domain name to an overseas country code TLD. These domain names could be similar to another websites country code TLD; however it can be used if there is no breach to any ones copyright laws. For instance, instead of buying you could buy This way you could get access to the Australian market, in the same way you can try this for different countries.


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